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Upwork, Illustrator

January 2017 - Present

As a freelancer at Upwork, I connect with clients in order to illustratively bring their ideas to life.  I began by establishing a connection with the client, getting in-depth information about the current project and its background in order to create an original piece which effectively represents their vision. At Upwork, I combine exceptional project management skills with effective client communication in order to provide excellent client-focused results.

Moons of Zahein

September 2017 - March 2018

I was invited to become a featured artist in the development of a lushly illustrated science-fiction series. By working with other artists, ranging from 3d work to pen and ink illustrations, I was able to synergistically collaborate on a massive team production project which yielded exceptional results: 

Clock TOwer

Februrary 2018 - April 2018

The author, Lauryn N. offered me a role to depict a Cover Illustration for her upcoming book, Clock Tower.  I drafted the ideal visual representation of her project vision. Together, we talked about what stood out the most, and what we wanted the audience to resonate with; and together, we came to the conclusion of the depiction of faith, and the vibrancy behind it.

Neu Neu Magazine

May 2017

An upcoming magazine based in Canada, Neu Neu Magazine focuses on the facets of the fashion industry which represent people of color. I was invited to produce a piece that embodied the message “Celebrating culture’s biggest influencers”. My tasks consisted of researching modern fashion standards, and how those standards could incorporate the concept of celebrating influence. Once the client and I agreed on a draft, I efficiently worked on the piece.

Freelance Illustrator

September 2016 - March 2017

Working as a freelancer, I took assignments that relied heavily on my point of view regarding the influence of memory and its five senses, something that I always took to heart. My mission was to be able to connect with others on a personal level demonstrating how sight is not the only one to be affected by art. Work I completed during this duration of time as a freelance Illustrator was always completed on time with excellent results.

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